Understand the Basic Ideas On How To Make the World Eco-friendly

Noticeable climate changes have warned the world that global warming is heading towards the peak. With the advancement of technology, the number of wastes is also increasing. The worst thing is these wastes don’t receive proper treatment that results in pollution and several health issues. Recently, there has been a considerable increase of e-wastes because of the growth and expansion of IT technologies. Escalated use of laptops, desktops and other e-products has resulted into the accumulation of electronic wastes.

The good news is some companies are now inclined towards providing its consumers with eco-friendly IT services through which they try to cut down disposal of e-wastes. Through these services, the companies even help others to be a part of their venture and contribute to keeping the environment clean. The eco-friendly IT solutions are based on 4 R’s that are described below.


The first significant R in the cycle of 4R’s is reuse. In IT, plenty of resources and equipment are used and most of the things like monitors, mouse, etc. can be reused. Increased reusability led to the minimum disposal of e-wastes, optimum utilization of equipment and increased the lifespan of a product. It also helps organizations to save ample amount of money.


Refurbishing is a great way of getting branded products at significant cost. However, refurbished products are not only a good method of saving money, but they also serve as excellent eco-friendly solutions. Most of the refurbished laptops and desktops are almost as good as the new ones because they might have only minor cosmetic damages like scratches, but functionally they are fully intact. Though the refurbished products were associated with stigmas, with the growing problem of e-wastes, the stigmas are fading as many companies are now moving towards providing certified, refurbished IT products.


This third important eco-friendly R plays a vital role in cutting down the toxic e-wastes. During e-waste disposal, there are plenty of materials that should be recovered. The improved things, with little processing, could be used again in some other work. However, many companies aren’t so thoughtful, but certain IT companies are taking measures to come up with environment friendly IT solutions and recover as many things as possible from the collected e-wastes before disposal.


At last but not the least, the fourth, most crucial R is recycling. By following this R, one not only reduces the number of wastes but also ensures proper and full utilization of resources.

In IT, recycling is a great way to reuse the raw materials in a product. The materials that are to be recycled are thrown in a recycling bin, and then the items are processed and used accoredingly. Recycling drastically cuts down some wastes and also helps companies to bring down the production cost by using the recycled materials.


As industrialization is increasing in the world, the problem of disposal of e-wastes has also escalated. Use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, laptops, desktops, LCDs, etc. has added to the woes and has become a matter of concern for everyone. But, by sticking with the above mentioned 4 R’s, we can certainly help to balance the harmony between environment and technology.

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