How To Water a Christmas Tree Like a Pro- 5 Tips to Consider

Christmas is right around the corner and it’s the right time to get started with getting yourself a Christmas tree and start taking care of it.

Buying a Christmas tree is not just enough as taking proper care of it is also really important to keep the Christmas tree fresh and alive by the time Christmas comes in.

So if you are searching for ways on how to water a Christmas tree, then today we bring you 5 different tips and tricks which can help you to water a Christmas tree like a Pro.

Note from Joe: I’ve had some terrible experiences in the last few years with my Christmas trees. They would just dry out or die. Leaves would just start falling off. I did have some knowledge about trees, but I wouldn’t call myself an expert in any way. So, I started reading some books and did some research on the internet. And followed what I found last year with some very good results. So, in this post, I will be sharing my top 5 tips that I found to be very effective to water your Christmas trees so that they won’t dry out. Let’s get started!

How to Water a Christmas tree like a Pro?

Below are some really useful tips on how to water a Christmas tree so as to keep your Christmas tree lively the entire time.

  1. Be sure not to use water that is softened. There are many water softener reviews out there that claims softened water to be best for Christmas trees. However, softened water is not good for Christmas trees or any other plant in general as softened water will lack all the necessary natural minerals that plants require in order to stay nourished. If the water in your home is softened, then you can use distilled water while watering your plants.
  2. The Christmas tree that you buy was cut days or maybe weeks ago. When the trees are cut, the pitch from the tree flows out and seals the tree pores that absorb water. So, after buying a Christmas tree, make sure to cut a few inches from the tree trunk bottom before you set the Christmas tree in water so as to open up the closed pores and ensure that the tree can absorb water properly.
  3. Watering is really important to keep a Christmas tree fresh. A Christmas tree that is freshly cut can consume about a gallon of water in just about a day. To make sure that the Christmas tree is always provided with ample water, fill the stand of the tree with water and do make sure that the water level does not lower down below the base of the tree.
  4. Many people have tried mixing water with sugar, corn syrup, aspirin, and even vodka and using this mixture to water the Christmas tree. Even though some may claim success in keeping the tree fresh, most of the experts say that there is no actual benefit of mixing anything with water. The actual key player is the water itself and if you use water that is not softened and rich in minerals, then that is more than enough to keep the Christmas tree alive for a long period of time.
  5. Christmas trees live longer and consume less amount of water if they are placed somewhere that is away from a direct heat source. If you have bought the Christmas tree home a few days before actually having to display it, then do place the tree in a place that does not receive direct sunlight and is also away from heat sources like fireplaces, heat vents and heaters etc.

My Final Words on Watering a Christmas Tree

The above article featured some very useful tips on how to water a Christmas tree like a Pro. Hope you found the article interesting and in case you have some of your own tips on watering Christmas trees, do share them as comments below so as to help the readers better.

Understand the Basic Ideas On How To Make the World Eco-friendly

Noticeable climate changes have warned the world that global warming is heading towards the peak. With the advancement of technology, the number of wastes is also increasing. The worst thing is these wastes don’t receive proper treatment that results in pollution and several health issues. Recently, there has been a considerable increase of e-wastes because of the growth and expansion of IT technologies. Escalated use of laptops, desktops and other e-products has resulted into the accumulation of electronic wastes.

The good news is some companies are now inclined towards providing its consumers with eco-friendly IT services through which they try to cut down disposal of e-wastes. Through these services, the companies even help others to be a part of their venture and contribute to keeping the environment clean. The eco-friendly IT solutions are based on 4 R’s that are described below.


The first significant R in the cycle of 4R’s is reuse. In IT, plenty of resources and equipment are used and most of the things like monitors, mouse, etc. can be reused. Increased reusability led to the minimum disposal of e-wastes, optimum utilization of equipment and increased the lifespan of a product. It also helps organizations to save ample amount of money.


Refurbishing is a great way of getting branded products at significant cost. However, refurbished products are not only a good method of saving money, but they also serve as excellent eco-friendly solutions. Most of the refurbished laptops and desktops are almost as good as the new ones because they might have only minor cosmetic damages like scratches, but functionally they are fully intact. Though the refurbished products were associated with stigmas, with the growing problem of e-wastes, the stigmas are fading as many companies are now moving towards providing certified, refurbished IT products.


This third important eco-friendly R plays a vital role in cutting down the toxic e-wastes. During e-waste disposal, there are plenty of materials that should be recovered. The improved things, with little processing, could be used again in some other work. However, many companies aren’t so thoughtful, but certain IT companies are taking measures to come up with environment friendly IT solutions and recover as many things as possible from the collected e-wastes before disposal.


At last but not the least, the fourth, most crucial R is recycling. By following this R, one not only reduces the number of wastes but also ensures proper and full utilization of resources.

In IT, recycling is a great way to reuse the raw materials in a product. The materials that are to be recycled are thrown in a recycling bin, and then the items are processed and used accoredingly. Recycling drastically cuts down some wastes and also helps companies to bring down the production cost by using the recycled materials.


As industrialization is increasing in the world, the problem of disposal of e-wastes has also escalated. Use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, laptops, desktops, LCDs, etc. has added to the woes and has become a matter of concern for everyone. But, by sticking with the above mentioned 4 R’s, we can certainly help to balance the harmony between environment and technology.

Best Ways To Stop Movie Piracy

The reflection of reality with a punch of brilliant comedy, thrills, suspense and splendid performance is presented in modern flicks of recent times. Most of us are amazed by the captivating story-lines and the brilliance delivered by our favorite celebrities. Movie buffs can hardly wait for their favorite flicks to storm the theatres and turn impatient. It is not always affordable to watch a movie in the theatres given our time and money constraints. For a movie maniac it is even more difficult to wait until the flicks are aired on television. Movie piracy is an easy option chosen by such movie lovers to catch up with the latest flicks.

Movie piracy is strictly prohibited and such stealing of movies from internet can lead someone behind the bars too. The government has come up with various measures that have put a strict ban on such illegal stealing of movies. However, the plight of movie buffs remain the same with a ban imposed on piracy.

Here are some sane ways that will allow movie lovers to enjoy their flicks without breaking any norms.

Movie Apps

Movie apps have buzzed the market with their exciting features that allow free download of flicks of all times and genres at an absolute free of cost. Users need not go for long surfing to search for their favorites but can simple download the most trending movie apps and get started. These are the best solution to avoid movie piracy.

1.     Movie Box

A huge collection of popular flicks from all categories and genres including the creepy horror to the teeth-rattling comedies, a mix ofsensuous romancecan now be watched easily with this popular app. This movie app is easily downloadable on all iOS devices and android smartphones. It is complete legal and safe and is one of the best alternatives to movie piracy to catch up with your latest favorites. The users can stream the newly released movies and also watch television series in HD quality. Movie Box also supports Google ChromeCast which allows us to cast the videos on a larger view for better visualization.

2.     ShowBox

ShowBox is the most celebrated movie app and is currently the most preferred. It is most talked about owing to its exciting feature of letting the user download the flicks and watch them later even in flight or offline mode. ShowBox App is beyond the potential of just streaming of movies and TV shows but it also provides latest updates on entertainment. This app is excellent options for all movie lovers to watch all their flicks from any generation ad also follow their IMDb ratings. This link is a perfect read for all movie maniacs to get an idea on the trending movie apps.

Emotional Blackmail to Stop Piracy

Government is also striving hard for people to realize the blunders caused from movie piracy. It can lead to the doom of business and affect the living of many. Such a conscience prick is another measure taken up by government to stop movie piracy.